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The 6 Trends Shaping the Future of Gaming & Digital Media

All of us aware of the game, “Pokémon Go”, that changed the way the world interacted with mobile games. It was one of those releases that blew the world of online gaming. But what was the reason behind the millions of downloads of this mobile game?

One simple answer is technology. A technology called Augmented Reality, which is an extended version of “Virtual Reality” which was incorporated into the game that blew gamers’ mind.

In the same way, in addition to such technologies, there exists other trends in the technological world that is shaping the Gaming and digital media industry. Read more to find out…

Virtual reality (VR)

One of the main aspects gamers expect is deep immersive expanses from the game, and Virtual Reality is that technology that grants the wish. Like the name suggests, the technology impersonates the virtual objects to be realistic and enhances the experience of the game. Gaming gadgets like the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC vive and other VR headsets aid in experiencing this visual miracle.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This technology works in contrast to the Virtual reality. Although some people argue that AR was designed to enhance the effects of VR, it is slightly different. AR was designed to enhance the actual environment and use the existing reality to add more meaning to the technology. Like mentioned in the introduction, after the release of Pokémon Go, the popularity of AR skyrocketed itself and now is used in various other fields.



One of the major advancements in the gaming industry, using digital media is the introduction of e-sports. E-sports is a competitive gaming platform that is held in regular duration where competitive games like the League of the Legends, Counter Strike and the Call of Duty are played. From what it started as a fun and entertaining activity, in 2020 it is a $1.5 billion industry.

Face recognition

Face recognition is not a new concept and has been around for ages now, in different fields, of course. But the technology has expanded its reach to the gaming world in recent years when the players’ face is recognized and the duplicate of the face is re created using the 3D facial recognition technology. This feature has reached a spectacular reach in the online gaming industry and is expected to expand further in the foreseeable future.

Face recognition

 Voice recognition

Just like the face recognition, voice recognition technology also exists in the world, but the reach has expanded to the gaming world as well. It has facilitated the interaction between the gamers and their movements just by using voice commands.


After the launch of Apple Watch in 2015, the uses of wearable have become extremely popular. After the invention of wearable like the fitness watches in the health and fitness industry, it has also expanded its reach to the gambling and gambling industry. For instance, the game band that is designed for players who d not always want to be in proximity with their computers.

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