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Top 5 Mobile Gaming Trends 2020

Mobile gaming in itself is a trend in the 21st century. The beginning of the mobile gaming industry witnessed drastic improvement in the number of users logging on and signing up to the platform and downloading the mobile gambling applications. This change in dimension of the mobile gaming world, led to the invention of new trends and techniques in mobile games that have enhanced the interaction between the user and the games.

This article enlists the top 5 trends in mobile gaming in 2020.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud computing is taking over the internet. Anything and everything we save on our mobile devices are connected to the cloud. As the speed of the internet and Internet-based applications increase, so does the use of cloud computing. The games that the users play, their progress, point and every small details of the game is saved on the cloud and hence the gaming companies are expected to switch to the cloud computed games by the end of 2025.

Multiplayer games

One of the best trends that have increased the user-base of these mobile based games is the multiplayer games. Most of the games developed in the recent times are shifting their focus to the multiplayer games and for good reason. We’re not wrong if we consider this is to be due to the increase in sports gaming which has now become a global phenomenon.

Competitive multiplayer games like Asphalt 9, League of the legends and other Pub mobile have stolen the users’ hearts and are considered the best mobile games of all times.

5G technology

It is no-brainer that the internet plays a crucial role in the mobile gaming, and the increase of speed of the internet, increase the use experience and the time taken to load certain games. 5G connectivity is the new trend that will help us in doing so. It is expected to go beyond the expectations of the fastest internet and internet connectivity. In short, it is going to enhance the user experience and also add more value to the connection, latency and a wider coverage of the games.

5G technology

 Games based on Augmented Reality

Although the games like Pokémon Go was released and popularized years ago, augmented reality is a trend that is still cutting through the noise in the gaming world. Now here’s the twist- instead of the games on the console or other platforms, it is directly applied the games played on mobile phones. The real-time impersonation of the visual and the audio content from one of the best user experience. In the coming years, more and more mobile games are expected to use Augmented reality.


Auto Battler Games

It is one of the most important trend or aspect of the strategy video games. They impart the chess-like strategy in the video games which is most useful in the battle games where a lot of strategy is put to practice. In 2019, the auto battler games were one of the most downloaded games on mobile phones.

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