Northern iGaming Summit

NGS  is the international iGaming trade show and conference!


Venue - Night Club Onnela

The venue holds 3 different halls for presentations and one hall for playtesting. For more information about presentations and speaker.


1400 Holly Street
Charlotte, NC 28217


20-22  September, 2021
Monday to Wednesday

Have A Look At The

Event Schedule

Day 1

21 Sep, 2021
08:45 Am

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Cruz W. Bryant

09:30 Am

Game Developing

Speaker: Shannon K. Jolley

12:30 Pm

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

01:30 Pm

Unseen Game Design

Speaker: Loretta N. Hardee

04:00 Pm

Background Animation

Speaker: Danny C. Adams

Day 2

22 Sep, 2021
08:45 Am


Speaker: Jane Roberts

09:30 Am

Creative In Design

Speaker: Fredrick H. Taylor

12:30 Pm

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

01:30 Pm


Speaker: Dennis M. Vargas

04:00 Pm


Speaker: Judith Flores

Day 3

23 Sep, 2021
08:45 Am

Video Demo

Speaker:George L. Varney

09:30 Am

3D Graphics

Speaker: Everett B. Browser

12:30 Pm

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

01:30 Pm

Scalable Design

Speaker: James L. Navarro

04:00 Pm

End Of Meet

Speaker: Vena W. Flores

These Are

Our Orators

Danny C. Adams

Loretta N. Hardee

Darius D. Terry

Carmen J. Moore

Sharon J. Husby

Dennis M. Vargas

Hilary G. Vargas

James L. Navarro

A Few Words

About The Event

Northern iGaming Summit, NGS for short, is a three-day iGaming conference with additional events. After four years, NGS has formed into an annual event for networking between the Newcomers and the Professionals of the game development trade.
All major online casino operators are attending our event.


This year NGS will be free of charge for all participants. With registration you are enabled to join the seminar and evening party. Registration will open later, we will announce opening of registration on front page and in our social media. Please note, that because of the venue, you have to be 18 to participate this year NGS. Be prepared to proof your age with official document like driving license, passport or ID card when entering the event.

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Northern iGaming Summit 2021 is fully booked!

If you would like to attend the event, please send your contact details to [email protected] in case there are availability by cancellations. We will inform you by email if this is the case and your registration has been made.