How to generate revenue from mobile gaming through freemium and casino models

Mobile games are changing the way people play in more ways than one. There are many different types of mobile gaming including freemium games, which allow players to download and play for free with in-game app purchases. This type of gaming has become increasingly popular over the last few years because it is convenient for users who do not want to spend money on a game upfront but still enjoy playing.

While some may argue that this type of game is lame, unfair or too easy, there are also plenty of other options available for gamers who prefer something more challenging or fast paced.

An example of less skill based leisure type games are online casino games which can now also be played from your mobile. They include slots which offer an incredible amount of variety in terms of both gameplay and themes with new ones coming out daily. If you know already how to design games, you should learn how to make money from them too!

Making money from games example with 2 dice

1. What are mobile games and how do they differ from traditional gaming platforms

Mobile games are video or computer games that can be played on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. They differ from traditional gaming platforms in that they can be played anywhere at any time, using only a touch screen. They come in many different genres, such as strategy games, first-person shooters, and puzzle games.

One of the most popular types of mobile games is the freemium game. These are games that can be downloaded and played for free, but offer in-game app purchases that allow players to progress more quickly or unlock new levels and features.

2. The different types of mobile games available for players

There are many different types of mobile games available for players, including strategy games, first-person shooters, puzzle games, online slots, and freemium games.

Strategy games are games that require players to think strategically in order to win. They often involve complex problems that need to be solved in order to progress.

First-person shooters are games in which the player experiences the action from the perspective of the character they are controlling.

Puzzle games are games that require players to solve puzzles in order to progress through levels of increasing difficulty.

Freemium games are games that can be downloaded and played for at no cost, while offering in app purchases that speed up the gameplay and make it less difficult to advance throughout the mobile game.

Online Slots are a popular casino game that comes in the form of many different themes. Players can spin the machine at the press of a button, and can play these games of chance with the house receiving a small statistical edge across every spin (RTP – Return to player value).

3. Why mobile games are becoming increasingly common

There are many reasons why mobile games are becoming increasingly common. One of the main reasons is that they are convenient to play. They can be played anywhere at any time, using only a touch screen. This makes them perfect for people who want to kill some time or relax without having to leave their home or office.

The other reason is the convenience is caused by the current technological marvel that was not possible before recent years. Can you imagine playing a video game on your old mobile? I can, it’s not fun!

Another reason why mobile games are becoming more popular is because there are many different types of games available. There is something for everyone, whether you want a fast-paced action game or a leisurely puzzle game. Plus, many of the games are free to download and play, which makes them even more appealing to players.

To sum it up, the boundary to start playing games on the go has decreased drastically, which has made game developers focus on it much more. A lot of people who learn game development, are easily swayed to start making games like these because of the large sums of money involved in them.

4. How casino games have influenced mobile gaming

Casino games have been a huge influence on the mobile gaming industry. One of the most popular types of mobile games is the casino slot game, and there are many more variants to play such as online blackjack, baccarat and lots more.

Slot machines are a type of casino game in which players spin a machine to try to win money at the cost of a predetermined ‘spin’ price. Because of the nature of the casino business, these types of games generate a giant pool of low risk revenue for the operators.

The online gaming industry has a yearly global revenue of more than 250 billion US dollars, high growth revenues are expected to double within the next three years. The global mobile gaming industry will reportedly reach roughly 116 billion US dollars in revenue by 2024.

As you can see, casino makes a lot more money than normal gaming, which explains the shift into this industry by a lot of game providers such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming & Microgaming.

Several ways to make money from mobile games

Aslong as you can find people to play games there will be cash rewards for the developers. Free games despite what the name might suggest, will always earn money in some sort of way. A free app just has a different revenue model compared to paid games, these are the differences:

In app purchases

Mobile gamers can unlock extra features of the gaming world. This could be anything from different player skins & items to speeding up boring aspects of the actual game.

Gift cards

Other players can donate skins & other items from the in game cash app to other users.

Video ads

Developers can earn rewards by forcing their player pool to watching videos about various advertisements. A way to stop these ads would be to pay a small fee so you can play ad free. Most games have options such as to remove ads.

Do note that you’re not limited to android app or iPhone users as game developers and affiliate marketers focus on both devices.

Our conclusion on the casino effect on Mobile Gaming

Casino games are definitely one of the biggest influences on mobile gaming. People like to gamble, and they like it even more when there’s an option to do so any time they want using nothing but their phone. We’ve all at one point played either candy crush or angry birds, so we know what it’s like to get roped in to the boredom.

Whether its casino games or other mobile games, they are here to stay. There is too much money to be made by big companies, so business models will keep expanding into both freemium & slot games.

How do you feel about the increasing prevalence of Mobile Games in the Gaming Industry? Are you getting distracted during your day job? Attracted to the lure of cash prizes & extra money from casino games?

Let us know!

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