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Top Mobile App Conferences in 2020/2021

Mobile application conferences regarding games happen all the time, and like any other year, this year too, calls for a meeting on mobile applications and other mobiles app conferences. If you’re a gamer who is looking for success in mobile applications, then these conferences are a one-stop-shop where you can find answers for all your pain points and also forms an opportunity to dig deep into mobile trends.

There are over a hundred conferees on mobile apps and trends in 2020/21 and some have been rescheduled to a further date, due to the outbreak of the pandemic. This article gives you the details about the ones taking place in 2020./21

October 2020

  • Gamescom Asia 2020

This one is for all the Asian games that provide them a platform to connect globally. It is a two-day event with various presentations and conferences, followed by three consecutive days of public exhibition trade.

Date: 14-17 October 2020

Location: Singapore

Topics covered: IOS android gaming, AR, VR, Steam, PC etc

  • MWC Los Angeles 2020

Although not much is known about this particular conference, we know that 5G is the hot topic going to be discussed in this conference. Apart from that, the visitors and game developers will also find the opportunity to learn new trends and technologies.

Date: 28-30 October 2020

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Topics covered: 5G, IOT, AI


November 2020

  • eTail Asia

With through research and marketing strategies explained for the world of gaming, it is the best platform to connect on various top companies, etc. Since it is taking place in the online mode, anyone from all over the world can visit the conference.

Date: 17-19 November 2020

Location: Singapore

  • Nordic Game Conference.

It is a conference for those game developers that talks about building and publishing a game to the market. It is expected to welcome over 2000 industry professionals, and also has been at host for the 17th time.

Date: 25-27 November, 2020

Location: Sweden

 December 2020

  • MMA Forum, Paris

If you’re looking forward to attending a conference or an event that discusses about the resources and leverage to establish a gaming infrastructure, then this is the one or you.

Date: Not mentioned

Location: Paris, France

  • App Promotion Summit, Berlin

This conference/summit has been going on since 2013 and mainly concentrates on the marketing tactics and strategies to sell you products. It is a one-day conference which also exposes new game developers to industry professionals.

Date: December 3rd

Location: Berlin, Germany


All conferences and events in 2021 Since we’re almost 3 months away from 2021, we might as well discuss the top conferences schedules in 2021.

  • Ios Conf Singapore
  • Japan IT Week
  • Japan Marketing Week
  • Asia Pacific Gaming Summit
  • Marketing Technology Fair
  • Developer week
  • Bosch Connected world
  • Mobile World Congress
  • Affiliate Conference
  • Digital: Relaunch
  • QCon 2021
  • We are developers world congress 2021
  • Digital and Affiliate marketing
  • international expo
  • Israel Mobile summit
  • Droidcon
  • IOT evolution expo
  • Mobile connect
  • Japan Marketing Week
  • MWC Shanghai.

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