Best Game Industry Events and Conferences for 2020

The gaming industry began in the 1970s, which was never termed as “industry” due to its small association. However, over the years, due to the introduction of new technologies into gaming, and the use of advanced and contemporary gadgets like the console, mobile devices etc. has advanced the industry as well with the involvement of thousands and lakhs of people from all over the world.

The gaming industry arranges conferences and other events every academic year, to enhance the connectivity of this booming industry and to discuss the technologies, and trends. In this article, we’re going to discuss the best gaming industry conferences and events of 2020.

Game Developers Conference (GDC)

Unlike other conferences that involve new and seasoned gamers to discuss the new trends in the gaming world, this particular conference is conducted for the students, and the professional gaming developers. It emphasizes on the importance of education, and vision for pro-gamblers.

The conference is helped every year in San Francisco, California with over 500 gaming tables and round table conferences to discuss various technologies and other gaming related topics.

Unite by Unite Technologies

Unite is conducted every year by the Unite technologies. It is focused on the people or gaming developers that are interested in re-creating or creating games using the Unite technologies. It is a platform that not only emphasizes on the gamers and gaming developers, but also inspires thousands of filmmakers, artists, developers, etc. They generally talk about various ways in which their technology can be utilized to produce your own game, and it takes place in different countries like Austin, Tokyo, India, Singapore, Kochi, etc.


Gamedaily Connect USA

Held every year in August at the Disneyland Hotel in California, it is another famous event that is conducted or held for the pro gamers and gaming developers. The event covers discussions of topics like monetization, in-game ads, competition between indie developers and corporations, mobile gaming and many others.

Every year, over 2000 professionals join the event to enlighten themselves about some industry standards and topics.


They host events in places like Seattle and Barcelona that generally talks about console games, speakers, PC businesses and many more. Adding to those topics, they also deal with the cross-platform issues in certain game developments and target those attendees who wish to contribute to a developmental change on the gaming platform.

Alongside these topics, they even help developers understand the topics, and the problems faced while using the VR and AR technologies.


 Oculus Connect

This is a popular annual event held by Facebook everywhere that brings developers, gaming industries and their brilliant ideas on the same platform. It is considered one of the best events that target the ones that are planning to improve their gaming applications using the Oculus technologies and platforms.


It is one of the biggest gaming fair events in Europe which takes place every year in Germany. It is held every year in August which entertains and enlightens over 34,000 visitors and 6,000 journalists.

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