The NGS Team is the group behind the event. The team consists of a yearly changing group that includes students from Kajaani UAS and people from the Kajaani Game Development Scene.

Here's this year's talented team!

Elisa Härkönen

NGS Event Coordinator

Saana Ylönen

Venue Manager

Ville Lievonen

Tech Lead

Antti Koponen

Graphic Designer

Roope Haverinen


Johanna Väisänen

NGS Event Assistant

Kim Kupiainen

Speaker Manager

Marika Mustalahti

Social Media Manager

Veera Nuorteva

Lead Artist


Northern Game Summit was started back in 2012. Since then the event has grown by the year. Here's a little recap of each year.


The year 2012 was the year of the first NGS ever. It was held at the campus of the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and was organized by the University in close collaboration with CEMIS Development program. The event culminated with the VIP Pool Party, which legend is still alive at the campus.


2013 saw the move to the new venue location - the Bio Rex cinema. The attendees fell in love with the plush seats and the big silver screens. The event itself was characterized by pitching contests, two to be precise: the smaller NGS Pitch on the 1st day and the superb Playground Challenge Final with the grand prize of 50 000 € on the 2nd day.


NGS 2014 will be forever remembered for the awesomeness of the Bonus Stage (the soirée) thanks to the cool guys at Fingersoft and the longest poop joke in the world as presented by Tomáš Jech. It was also the first time the Very Important Persons at the event were welcomed by the City of Kajaani in the Old Town Hall.


At NGS 2015 we had our pre-event mixer party with movie makers with great success and from the feedback, we decided to make it a permanent feature of the event. The event will be remembered for having speakers like Hunter Grant and Johan Torensson who brought in so many interested listeners that half of them had to sit on the floor.


In 2016 the event received an additional day before the main event thanks to the Nordic Game Discovery Contest. The pitches were given to a panel of judges and the winner of the NGS portion Team Ocmo was announced on day 1 of the event. Memorable talks this year were Tsahi Liberman's keynote and Jim Jiang who, like his predecessor Hunter, had the audience scramble for seats on the floor.


NGS 2017 started of amazing with the keynote delivered by the great John Romero which was followed by great talks from people like Chris Evans and silky voiced Adam Harrington. We also had the privilege of hosting another qualifying round of Nordic Game Discovery Contest. This year the victory went to our local team Rusto.


NGS 2018 is remembered by its outstanding speakers, like Erik Robertson, Karen Soh, David Dunham, Tatu Petersen-Jessen... Audience had possibility to see documentary "Name of the Game", directed by Just to Paul J. Vogel and Jarno Elonen. Victory of qualifying round of Nordic Game Discovery Contest went this year to Red Stage Entertainment with their game Skábma – Polar Night.

Introducing the organizer

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) is a proactive, genuinely international university of applied sciences with a strong regional and national profile. An international learning and development community consisting of approximately 2000 students and 230 experts operates in its own compact campus area located in Kajaani’s impressive natural surroundings.

The operations and organizational structure of KAMK are based on five areas of competence: Activity Tourism, Information Systems, Nursing and Healthcare, Mechanical and Mining Engineering and Business and Innovations. The three fields of focus - activity tourism, games and vehicle informations systems - serve to provide KAMK with international competence, visibility and impact.