Ticket types

Event Pass, Event Day 1 and Benefactor Pass ticket holders have access to the Bonus Stage Party held at the end of the first day. Free hot drinks and snacks are available to all ticket holders during the conference.

For those who want to support the event can always choose the Benefactor Pass - thus supporting the event and gaining access to the VIP Dinner and other events for before and after the conference.

To enquire about group discounts please contact aile@northerngamesummit.org

Event Pass

160 €

Entry for both days

Includes entry to Bonus Stage party



Event Day 1


120 €

Entry for day 1

Includes entry to Bonus Stage party




Event Day 2 


85 €

Entry for day 2





Benefactor Pass 


300 €

Entry for both days

Includes entry to VIP only events





The Benefactor Pass holders gain access to the following events

  • The Nordic Cuisine VIP Dinner - Event held after Day 1

  • Kajak Games Sauna Evening - Held after Day 2

And also have 

  • Reserved places to each hall at Bio Rex

  • VIP Access to the Bonus Stage Party

For more information on contact us at info@northerngamesummit.org