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Aku Mähönen

Game Balancing

Aku is a game industry professional with experience ranging from teaching to game design on platforms varying from boardgames to mobile. He has worked as local entrepreneur in Kajaani and more lately as a lead designer in South Korea. At the moment Aku is working as a Game Designer in Wargaming Mobile, a division within Wargaming that acts as a proving ground for innovative and outstanding mobile projects.

Nick Sweetman

Breaking Into the Game Art Industry

Nick is an online game art instructor with over 17,000 students in 160 countries worldwide. 

He has instructed students that now work at Supercell, Rovio and Remedy. 
Starting his teaching career as game art lecturer in Kajaani in 2010 he has since been teaching courses at major games schools in Helsinki including Metropolia, Amiedu, and Laajasalo. His game industry background includes Rebellion in U.K. and Digital Chocolate in Helsinki.


Antti Seppänen


Antti works as a narrative designer at Resistance Games, but he prefers the title ‘Storyteller’. For the past decade, his passion in life has been unraveling the mysteries of video game storytelling. Video games as a medium is significantly different from other storytelling mediums, and should be treated as such. Yet the industry as a whole is more likely to mimic other mediums, than harness the potential of what makes video games unique storytelling formats.

Antti is confident that there will be a time, when game stories will also be remembered as classics, like ‘Gone with the Wind’ or ‘War and Peace’.

Leili Mård

The Thing About The Interviews

Leili stumbled her way into games industry through organising Northern Games Summit during the years 2013-2015. After that she lead the HR processes in Critical Force for several years before finding her way to the more southern part of Finland. She is currently working as a Talent Manager at Games Factory Talents helping gaming and IT companies to find talent abroad.

She also loves hats, intercultural communication and Korean barbecue.

Juri Juskevits (TBA)

Ari Arnbjörnsson

Lessons Learned from a Year of UE4 AAA Development

Ari is the lead programmer on Housemarque’s first (unannounced) entry into AAA gaming.

He has over a decade of varied game industry experience ranging from social web games, mobile games to console/PC Games.

Ari also organizes various local gamedev meetups and is the main organizer of the Games Helsinki developer conference.


Nikolina Zidar

How to find right publisher for your game

Expert Producer, QA master, lecturer extraordinaire, active dog rescuer, avid gamer, real life Wonder Woman: Nikolina has worked in over 10 mobile games, having worked as Head of Production at Rovio Stars and Next Games. She is the CEO of Unicorn Pirates Studio.

Jussi Autio

Bootstrapping from 0 to 1 million

Jussi Autio is a rare mixture of business developer, game designer, educator and consultant. He’s been in the game industry for 14 years and has founded 4 companies and helped 13 game companies get established. His designs have won multiple awards. His games have been awarded just the same as the education model he designed for his home town – officially selected the best youth incubator in the world.


Ilkka Vallo

The Blip in the Blob

For the past four years Ilkka has been making real money games as a Game Producer at Veikkaus Game Studio. He has a passion for supporting the Finnish game development community and thinks it’s wonderful not only because of the games, but because of the people behind it. He believes that a great game is made by giving ownership of the product to the developers, maintaining transparency throughout the project and nurturing a healthy work culture at the studio. Awesome teams make awesome games!

Hall Managers

Felicia Prehn

Feicia is a mobile game producer, eurodance artist, cool blind girl, and one of the most recognizable accessibility advocates in Europe. Her most recent project, Oku Game, is the first-ever mobile game made for a radio DJ.

Eirik Manne

A viking of the north lost down in the south, who's done game design, production, community and event management and more. After 15 years of performing, you can find him on a stage, be it a pitch or a death metal song.

Joonas Muhonen

Joonas is one of the latest additions to the roster of game teachers in KUAS. He is a serious games entrepreneur, creative manager and storytelling mentor in game production and design. Ready to support the community to thrive!