Northern Game Summit
Day Zero
5th of October, 2016

TAITO 1, Kajaani UAS

@ Kajaani, Finland

About The Event

Day Zero is an exclusive part of the NGS this year, held on the 5th October. It will include painfully realistic talks from industry veterans and a panel discussion with the participants as well as networking with others. In addition to all, Day Zero will be the first event where you have a possibility to advance in Nordic Game Discovery Contest. Later in the evening IGDA Kajaani Hub will host a business mixer with professionals from the film-, TV-, music-, and comic industries. There you can make plans for the future and deals for today to bring these industries closer together.

Please note that attendance is only allowed with an event pass or invitation. Student pass is not applicable.

Speakers of the Event

We’ve got the experts from around the world


Founder at Rusto


CEO at Housemarque


Business Ambassador of the city of Sundsvall, Sweden


Co-Founder at Combo Breaker


Lead Game Designer at Mindfield Games


Co-Founder and VR producer at

Nordic Game Discovery Contest

Building on 14 years of running major successful events in the games industry, including several live-pitching events, selection processes and support systems, Nordic Game is introducing the Game Discovery Contest - an exciting, competitive challenge where selected game projects are showcased at live-pitch events in several countries.


The six finalists of the Nordic Game Discovery Contest have been found! The finalists are:

Action-Reaction Games : Battle Blobs

Rusto : Spareware

Immobile Games : SkidStorm

Team Ocmo : Ocmo

Team Jolly Roger : Mushroom Crusher Extreme

Corncrow Games : Dungeon Guardians

Congratulations to our finalists! See you next week, good luck!


We have 5 amazing judges from different areas of expertise

Koopee Hiltunen, Neogames
Ricardo Flores,
Tuija Linden, Pelit-magazine
Johary Mustapha, Forest Interactive
Megan Rice, UKIE


We are partnering with regional, professional games conferences across Europe throughout the year in order to discover the most promising games with the best potential for becoming global hits. Winners will go on to pitch at the Grand Finale taking place at Nordic Game’s 14th edition in May 2017, where we will unveil the games discovery contest Game of the Year!

Developer, why should you participate?

It’s the golden age of games development, and while that’s great for the industry, it also means that hundreds of new titles are released each day of the year, and that the competition to get noticed is fiercer than ever. Joining the Nordic GDC gives you a great chance of getting your game discovered. Just by submitting it to the contest, it will be looked at by a string of experts – publishers, investors, journalists, prominent game designers and other industry profiles – and should you be picked to pitch it live on stage, you can be sure to attract the attention of all the attending industry professionals in the audience as well.

On stage you’ll be pitching in front of a panel of experts, as well as the live audience. The experts will listen to you, and after your pitch they’ll ask questions and give you advice. If you’re so good at pitching that you’ll go all the way to the big finals at the Nordic Game Conference in May, win some nice prizes, and extend your visibility globally.

Tour Plan

Northern Gaming Summit, 6-7 October 2016, Kajaani, Finland. The contest will be held on 5 October as a pre-event to the summit.

Konsoll, 20-21 October 2016, Bergen, Norway

Sweden Game Conference, 20-23 October 2016, Skövde, Sweden

More events to be announced very soon!


A number of wildcards will be given through an online submission system on the website – for developers not able to join the tour events. More info about this later.

Finals: Nordic Game 2017, May, Malmö

Finals: Nordic Game 2017, 17-19 May, Malmö

The rules are simple. Are you developing, or do you have already developed a game that deserves much more attention than it has gotten this far? Are you attending one of the events on the Discovery Contest Tour plan? Submit, and prepare to go on stage in the preliminary heats, and maybe all the way to the NG17 Finals!

Get the chance of getting your game discovered!

Get the chance of being invested in, funded, or acquired by companies attending the contest

Win great prizes:
1st Place will win a place in the finals at the Nordic Game Conference in May, including a full conference pass, Unlimited access to the MeetToMatch system, and a complimentary table booth to showcase your game at the Nordic Game Indie Showcase.
2nd and 3rd place will win tickets for next year’s Northern Game Summit.

+ more! Stay tuned for more prize announcements very soon.

1. Copy paste the content of the Application Form (you’ll find it at the bottom of this text) Complete it, and then send it to as one, single pdf-file.
Deadline for submission is 22 September
2. We will review your application and send you a confirmation two weeks prior to the event if you’ve made the cut.
3. Once you’ve made the cut, you will pitch on-stage at the event before a panel of judges from top companies in the gaming industry. NB: Only one (1) person can go on stage.
4. After your pitch, there will be a short live Q&A session with the judges.
5. After the presentation and Q&A, your game pitch will be rated by the judges.
6. At a following ceremony, the winners and runner ups will be announced.

Games on any platform, developed by any company or single person from the Nordic region and abroad can participate, but:
Only 1 person can go on stage and pitch
Your game can’t have been funded or invested in by a 3rd party company before
You have a working demo of your game to show
You can’t have any illegal or plagiarized content in the game (such as trademarked content, etc.)
Your company is not financially unstable, so that threat of liquidation or bankruptcy may exist.

Furthermore, the following applies:
This application form must be used and filled in English.
No parts of the form may be removed or reformatted.
The application must be submitted as one, single pdf-file.
By submitting the application the applicant guarantees that the applicant owns or controls the intellectual property rights to the project

You have 7 minutes to convince the judges that your game is the one that deserves to be discovered the most, so prepare well and think about all the how’s and why’s, including

What is the concept or purpose of the game?
Which features make your game unique?
What is the game's’ business model, and why?
There are many ways to pitch, so think about which method you use, be it video trailer, a live gameplay demonstration, slideshow, or a combination.

After the 7 minutes, the judges have 5 minutes to ask you questions based on your pitch. Be prepared for this as well!

The Judges will look at how the game plays, what features and modes are in it, how good the controls are, and how appealing or enjoyable the game appears.
They will look at the graphics, layout, sound, music, and overall look of the game; how unique the game is, what makes it standout in terms of story, gameplay, features, controls etc.
And not least: They will judge you on how well you pitch it too!

Note: Deadline for submitting is 22 September. All submitted projects will be reviewed. The selected projects will be informed directly in the weeks following the application deadline, including further instructions regarding the event. Good luck!

Application Form:
Full name:
Company name (studio or team name):
Company description:
Email address:
Telephone number (include country code):
Game title:
Type of game (choose one option):
(A) Mobile
(B) PC
(C) Console
(D) VR
(E) Other (specify):
Game genre:
Game description (50 words or less):
Development platform (ex. Unity, UE, Flash, Html5, Amazon, etc.):
Stage of development:
(A) Alpha
(B) Beta
(C) Finished
Links to screenshots (URL):
Link to gameplay video (YouTube URL):

Deadline for submitting is 22 September


Our Esteemed Partners for NGS Day Zero 2016

Our heartfelt thanks to all of our partners for making NGS Day Zero possible. We could not do it without you!


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